About Company

About company

Pujara Dream Life Pvt Ltd is one of the fastest growing direct selling company in India. Our company has started from Nadiad, Gujarat and our company provides work from home to every smartphone user. Anybody in India can utilize their free time and work from home and earn very good part-time/full time income on our powerful without investment earning platform. With purchase of single time premium scented Incense Stick, Our company gives free earning opportunity to every Indian housewives, Brother and Sisters who is in financially debt, physically challenged, unemployed or willing to earn extra part-time income without investment.

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Pujara Dream Life
Vireshkumar Thakkar
Managing Director

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With the power of this system, if a person is determined and hard-working then he/she can recover from his/her financial problems in a short time. This is not any kind of chain, channel or currency plan. This is a unique and powerful earning platform where any person regardless of financial and education background can participate in our company’s and everybody’s common mission to make India’s every home financially free and economically strong.


Pujara Dream Life Pvt Ltd provides a powerful earning system along with Incense stick product without doing any kind of investment. Anyone in India who is in financially debt, physically challenged, unemployed or willing to earn part-time income brother and sisters can take advantage of this earning opportunity.

Terms and conditions

1. In this company you can get one ID with one Aadhar card and cannot activate Income ID without Aadhar card.
2. To get all the income in this system, it is necessary to complete your first level by directly sponsoring minimum 10 people. And then the minimum pay-out is required to be ₹25/-.
3. Here, the company gives 7 levels of income based on the profit made on the basis of volume and turn-over, so if you want to get income then work is compulsory, you will not get money just by buying the product, only you will do the smart work shown here. You will be able to earn money by going there.
4. To give 8th to 15th level of extra income benefit, company distributes profit margin earned from selling of repurchase product.
5. Here, you have to teach this system to all the people you directly sponsor and help them to complete their first level.
6. Your details given in your registration must match with your KYC document and it is necessary to upload PAN card, Aadhar card, and bank passbook/cheque for KYC verification. If uploaded KYC documents mis-matches with your ID details, the ID may get cancelled.
7. In this plan, to take Pin and Product Stock Point franchise of the company, it is necessary for you to complete the first level.
8. Apart from the official plan of the company which is given on the website, if any leader promotes the plan's PDF or video in the name of the company with wrong information and commitments, then the responsibility will not be of the company but of that leader.
9. If you have joined by taking PIN from your upline and they have product franchise, then you will get the joining package from them. If not, then as soon as your first level is completed, the joining package will be dispatched from the company to your address on the next day. All first level completed after 26/08/2023 against free Agarbatti cash reward of ₹25/- will be transferred to your bank account within 48 hours (bank working days).
10. To get a business account (ID) in Pujara Dream Life, it is necessary to be 18 years of age.
11. No one has to start work in this system by forcing or by giving wrong commitment, one must register only if he or she is willing to work.
12. If you work in this company and show other company’s plan to your team members and try to divert their focus, then your ID will get terminated on the basis of solid evidence.
13. The name of the sponsor and the sponsor ID are clearly written in the referral link created by the company, hence once you log in with that referral link, neither the ID can get cancelled nor the ID can be transferred to somebody else.
14. Whatever income and rewards will be given here will be given by following the tax rules of the government.
15. If any leader makes any offer for his team, then he cannot promote it in any other leader's team or group seminar other than his own team.
16. Whatever reward is shown to you in this system, you will get it with a multiplication of 10 by 10. For example, to receive the first level gift, there must be 10 people in the first level and to receive the second level gift, there must be 100 people in the second level. In this way, it is necessary to have a total of 1000 in third level, 10,000 in forth level, 1L in fifth and so on.
17. This is a product based company and nobody needs to do any kind of investment. If anybody invests money on false information by any leader then company should not be held responsible.